Comcast buys DirecTV for $85B

The cable giant has acquired DirecView for an undisclosed amount, according to sources close to the transaction.

The deal is expected to close by the end of the year, and will also include Comcast’s NBCUniversal cable channel, sources told the New York Times.

DirecNet was one of the first media companies to launch in the United States, and it has been a consistent draw for advertisers, with a massive 24% share of the U.S. ad market.

The acquisition of Direc TV marks Comcast’s third acquisition of a U.s. media company, joining Comcast-owned NBCUniversal and Time Warner Cable.

The two companies are also expected to launch a new cable TV service called Direc, which will be more expensive than Comcast’s current streaming service.

Comcast is also in the process of acquiring a stake in Hulu, which was acquired in 2017.