YouTuber shows how to make your own cable bundle video

Video game players everywhere have been getting in on the cable-buying action, but not everyone has the ability to afford cable service, like they used to.

And with the advent of streaming video services, some people are going the route of making their own bundle.

In this video, we take a look at how to create a cable bundle for your gaming PC and see how to upload and install it.

This video explains how to set up a cable-based gaming bundle for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a PS4 and Xbox 360 as the controller.

You will need to create an account and login to your PlayStation Network account and create a new subscription for the console, which you can find in the system menu.

You can then purchase a $15-per-month Xbox Live Gold membership and connect to your Xbox Live network.

You also need to purchase a cable subscription to access the PlayStation Network.

Next, you need to select the bundle, which consists of three sections: The PlayStation Network subscription, a $1.99 Xbox Live subscription, and a $10.99 cable package.

This subscription will allow you to access your PSN library, PlayStation Plus online multiplayer service, PlayStation Store, and other content from the PlayStation network.

Finally, you will need an Xbox Live account and a cable package to connect to Xbox Live.

To create your cable bundle, you must first connect your Xbox One console to your PC via a cable connection.

To do this, plug the cable cable into the Xbox One’s HDMI port, plug in the power cord, and plug in your Xbox 360 controller.

If you are using a Bluetooth controller, attach it to the Xbox 360 using the HDMI cable.

You’ll need to connect the power cable to the console and power the Xbox Live service.

Once connected, plug your cable into your PC’s USB port.

Once connected, the Xbox console will show up on your Windows 10 PC.

Once you’re done, you can check to make sure your Xbox Wireless controller is detected and turn it on.

From here, you’ll need the Xbox Wireless Controller app to connect your controller to your PS4 or Xbox One controller.

Once the app is installed, you should see your Xbox controller on your console.

Select it to start your console, and the Xbox controller will activate the Xbox App.

From here, connect the Xbox app to your computer.

Select the Xbox Controller app, and then select Settings > Xbox App, which should allow you access to the app’s settings.

Select your Xbox, and you’ll be presented with a list of games and accessories that you can purchase.

Select PlayStation Store and select your subscription, which will give you access a selection of games for your console and other hardware.

You need to enter the details of the purchase into the system settings to start the game and make it compatible with the Xbox.

You won’t need to download the Xbox game library, so you’ll have to create one for your game.

After making your selection, select “Create Xbox Live Bundle,” which will open up the Xbox wireless controller app.

Choose the Xbox, PlayStation, and accessories bundles.

Select Create Xbox Live Game Bundle.

Once this is done, a new window will open.

Select Add Content to create the Xbox bundle.

Select “Create the Xbox content.”

Select the content you want to add to the bundle and then click “Next.”

Once you’re finished, select Create Xbox App.

“After this, you now need to activate your console with the app.

When you’re happy with your setup, you’re ready to go.

If you have a PlayStation device that doesn’t have an Xbox controller, you might need to use a controller that comes with the PlayStation app.

Select Settings > Devices and select the PlayStation controller.

When the app starts, select your controller and then you’ll see a list.

Select a PlayStation game for the Xbox and then choose “Play” to start a new game.

Once your game is ready, you simply need to go to Settings > Games and then Select Your Console.

Once done, the game is now available on the Xbox gaming device.