How the Wal-Mart-led takeover of TJ Maxx changed the way we shop

A new wave of stores is popping up across the country, including Wal-mart, but the retailer is now turning to one of its biggest rivals to make it easier for shoppers to shop: TJ Maxy.

The Wall Street and corporate giant says it is launching an online shop called TJ Maxys for a limited time, and is expanding its online store to include more than 700 stores across the United States.

It also has plans to expand its online presence in Canada, the Middle East and Africa.

The company says the move is part of a broader strategy to expand into more retailing markets, which it says are becoming more competitive with its competitors.

The move comes after TJ Max is embroiled in a court battle with former employees over wages, benefits and job security, and with an investigation into allegations of deceptive practices by management.

The lawsuit, filed last year in the Southern District of New York, accuses management of firing employees for not being able to meet company-mandated deadlines.

Travon has also been accused of withholding wages and benefits for some employees, even though his company has a policy that allows for them to work on their own time.

The workers also say they were not paid for overtime, and the company has agreed to pay them a $10,000 penalty, though the terms of that settlement were not disclosed.