Which Irish cable provider offers the best value for money?

Cable TV and Internet providers are often charged more than other providers.

Which is the best deal for you?

This article is a roundup of all the major cable and Internet packages available in Ireland.

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The Irish cable and broadband industry is one of the most competitive in the world.

A recent report found that Ireland is home to three of the top ten countries with the highest number of fibre-to and fibre-optic networks.

However, there are a number of problems with the pricing and network availability of Irish providers.

Here are some of the key problems with Irish broadband.

Cost of the internet Irish broadband providers are sometimes charged more for their services than the average UK consumer, according to a report by UK consumer group Choice.

In an effort to make things more affordable, Choice has recently started charging more for broadband in the UK, with a proposed increase in April 2020.

However there are many other factors to consider when choosing the best broadband option for you.

Here is how the figures are calculated: Price per megabit per second (Mbps) for broadband service on offer in Ireland, based on a 4K UHD cable price: €0.99 €0:00 €1.50 €2.00 €3.00 per megabyte (MB) for 4K broadband on offer, based of a 1Mbps connection in Ireland: €3 €6.00 £3.20 €5.40 €10.00 UK price per megabits per second: £1.33 €3 per megabytes per second €7.50 UK price of a 4Mbps connection (4Mbps) on offer: £3 £10.20 £7.70 £14.50 Average price per gigabyte per month (GBP) of a broadband connection in the EU: £0.30 £0:30 £1 per gigabit per month £3 UK price for a 4 Mbps connection (up to a maximum of 50GB): £2.50 £3 GBP (£4.30) £6.20 Average cost per gigabits (GB) of broadband in Ireland in April 2019: £2,531 £1,853 £5,746 Average price of an individual broadband connection for a single person in the country: £15,716 £8,890 Average cost of a four-year contract (4GB): €2,817 €3,813 £4,921 Average price for the most affordable broadband service in Ireland at the end of April 2019 (based on monthly monthly data usage): £11,898 £9,902 £17,936 Average cost for an individual cable TV package in the same year: £5.30 €8.00