Guitar cable in car, guitar cable in garage, cable stair railing

An Australian man who was charged with stealing a guitar cable from a car in the United States has now been sentenced to three months in jail. 

David James Johnson, 29, pleaded guilty to theft by receiving and possession of stolen property. 

Johnson, of Rockhampton, New South Wales, is accused of stealing a cable from the vehicle he was in on May 24.

The theft occurred when Johnson was in the passenger seat of a car that had driven away from his home. 

Police said Johnson was driving with a $500 credit card when he left the parking lot of a business and went into the house to retrieve the cable. 

According to a police affidavit, Johnson had a valid Australian driver’s licence and the cable was in a plastic bag. 

The court heard Johnson’s wife was in court to support him. 

She told police she believed Johnson was using the cable to entertain her.

 Johnson is now serving his sentence.

Posted by ABC News on May 25, 2019 11:40:07More stories from Australia