Watch this: Magnetic charging is coming to Australia

A new wireless charging technology could be on the way to Australia’s power stations, with Power Australia announcing today it has signed a contract to supply magnetic charging cables to nearly a dozen power stations across the country.

Key points:The company is looking to bring magnetic charging to more than 100 power stations in the coming monthsThe technology could cost $50 per month for the first yearThe company has partnered with two power supply companies to help supply charging cablesThe project, which will cost $150 per month, will be rolled out over three yearsThe company says the new technology is being tested in more than 50 power stations and the technology will soon be rolled into other markets across Australia.

Key Points:The power companies are looking to provide charging cables at more than a dozen Australian power stationsThe company claims the technology is on the verge of being ready for wider deploymentPower Australia is using two power suppliers to help it deliver the charging cablesPower cables are already being installed at some power stations around Australia and the company says it has already begun delivering charging cables.

“We have partnered with Power Supply to deliver charging cables that will soon become available to more power stations than are currently connected,” Power Australia chief executive, Geoff Brown, said.

“The rollout is now complete and we are very excited to start shipping the cables to other Australian power producers and retailers.”

Mr Brown said the company had signed a new contract with two energy supply companies, Cairns Energy and Southern Cross, to help deliver charging systems to power stations.

“It’s an exciting new opportunity for the company and the Australian community to start using the technology as we continue to roll out charging systems across the state,” he said.

The technology, called Magnetic Power, is similar to a standard battery pack and uses magnets to transfer energy.

“With the technology, we can use the magnets to charge batteries to a charge point, rather than the battery itself,” Mr Brown said.”[Magnetic charging] can be used to deliver power to power lines, in conjunction with our electric vehicle charging infrastructure.”

Power Australia said the technology was being tested at a range of power stations including Cairn Energy and Southwestern Energy.

Mr Brown told ABC Radio the company was testing the charging technology on about 100 power producers across the nation and that the testing was ongoing.

“As we start to roll it out, we’re looking at what is going to be available and the amount of charging points that we can provide,” he added.

“But we’re certainly confident that it will be on a long-term basis.”

Magnetic Power is being used in the United States to charge electric cars and in Europe and Japan to charge stationary power lines.

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