Which North Carolina counties are suffering from the worst cyberthreat?

A cable television operator in North Carolina has been hit by a cyberattack that disrupted internet and phone service for a large swath of the state, leaving thousands of homes without cable TV service.

The Comcast cable operator said Monday that about 100,000 customers in the state have lost service since it was hit in late March.

Comcast said in a statement that the company was working with law enforcement and emergency responders to restore service to those affected.

The company said the cyberattack occurred on March 6, the day before it reported that a hacker group known as APT28 had breached the company’s network.

The group has been blamed for a string of cyberattacks in recent months.

The attack on Comcast caused a surge in internet service disruptions that affected tens of thousands of people across the state.

The cyberattack affected Comcast’s cable system in the North Carolina City metro area.

The outage affected about 6,500 Comcast customers in North Carolinians in the city of Raleigh, as well as the area around Raleigh.

Comcast reported that the outage affected around 4,000 people in the surrounding area.

Comcast also said it was working to restore internet service to a portion of its service area.

“Our network continues to be under severe strain,” Comcast said Monday in a written statement.

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At this time, our customer service representatives are unable to provide additional information on the status of our customers’ online video or live TV service.”

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