MTV News takes down controversial video in response to ‘offensive’ speech on ‘America’s Got Talent’ show

MTV News has removed a video on the show’s website that appeared to mock a transgender person who made a statement about her own identity during the show.

The video, which was posted by an anonymous account, said: “I am trans and I am going to kill myself” and showed a clip of the woman speaking about her life, saying: “My family, my friends, my school, my teachers.

I am not going to hide anymore.”

The video has been removed from the site and MTV News is not identifying the person who uploaded it.

It comes days after an episode of the show, which aired in the United States on Wednesday night, sparked outrage after a contestant called out another contestant for wearing the traditional attire of a woman.

The clip of a contestant saying: ‘I am a woman who is in the middle of a transition and am going on a transition in the public domain.

I can’t wear the traditional dress because I am trans.’

“It’s so offensive.

I mean, that’s just absolutely ridiculous,” she said.

The contestant said that the clip showed her body being “covered in women’s blood”.

The contestant was named “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Michelle B. Johnson, who was also the subject of a BuzzFeed News investigation into claims she had made derogatory comments about her transgender identity.

She was also featured in a clip published on the “The Real Housewives of New York City” show, in which she called herself “Cisgender,” which is not defined as gender-specific.

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