What if you could watch live streaming video on Apple TV via a new cable box?

A new cable line could give Apple TV owners the ability to watch live television streams and video from a variety of streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and others.

The company announced on Monday that it had started testing an Apple TV-compatible cable box.

The box is being used to stream live TV from the Apple TV and its video apps, but the service is not currently available in all markets.

A video of the AppleTV box was shown on a panel at the Consumer Electronics Show, where the company showed off a new interface for the device.

The device is designed to allow users to stream content from their favorite video providers.

The device is also intended to allow Apple TV users to watch their favorite channels in their favorite order.

“With an AppleTV, you get to watch whatever you want on your TV,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook in the keynote.

The AppleTV line is available in select markets, but most users will need to get a new Apple TV, and it will cost $99 to $149.

However, the company is targeting an October launch.