What’s new in the latest CraveTV app

Crave has a brand new app in its App Store.

It’s called the RCA Cable Splitter, and it has a couple of new features.

First, the app now has a new “clip” feature that allows you to use your phone’s camera to capture footage from your cable splicer.

The app also has a number of other new features, including an auto-play feature that lets you quickly start playing clips from any app you’ve installed on your device.

You can also start a new clip by tapping on it.

You can also play clips in the app from your phone, iPad, or Mac, and the app also supports a number more popular video players.

The most popular player in the RCa cable spliter is the app called VLC.

This app can also record video in the background while you’re on the go.

Another popular player is the FreeTime Video player from the popular app XBMC.

We haven’t tested FreeTime, but it does work pretty well for capturing audio.

Crave has also included a few other features.

For example, if you’ve recently installed a new video app, you’ll get an email notification when you try to watch a clip from that app.

You’ll also see an “Add to Crave” button that lets the app know you want to share it with others.

Finally, the RC.com app now includes an “add to Crap” feature, which lets you save a clip to your account.

To add clips, you can drag the clip from the “clip list” area of the app to the “add” area.

When you tap on the clip, you get a list of all the clips you’ve saved in the past.

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