Comcast, Dish, Verizon to offer cable bundles with Apple, Amazon streaming services

Comcast, Dolan, Dish and Verizon have announced they will begin offering bundles with Amazon and Apple streaming services, starting with ESPN and ESPN2 in 2018.

ESPN will be available as an on-demand streaming service, while the Apple TV will also be available on Comcast, Verizon and Dish’s services. 

This is a big win for Comcast and the other three cable providers who own ESPN.

It also makes Comcast’s already-existing on-contract streaming service for ESPN, the ESPN2, available to Comcast customers for $25 a month.

The move is an important move for Comcast, which has long struggled to compete with streaming service providers like Amazon and Netflix.

This will help Comcast get more subscribers as streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have expanded their reach, giving Comcast more customers than ever before.

Comcast also made clear that the streaming services would be on the same platform as its current on-the-spot sports programming, including the NFL. 

“Our commitment to customers is the most important factor in our success,” said Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO, in a statement.

“As we expand our offerings, we will continue to invest in the most compelling and innovative on-screen sports programming available to our customers, with an eye toward delivering the highest quality and most consistent live sports experience. 

For the next four years, Comcast is committed to investing in our video service and delivering on our promise to our subscribers that we are the most innovative and innovative sports network on the planet.” 

“This is an exciting opportunity for our customers and we look forward to continuing to expand the reach of our on-premises ESPN streaming service and building upon this momentum in the coming years,” said Dan Rogosin, vice president of customer acquisition, Comcast.

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