Watch TV and listen to your favorite podcasts at once

What if I told you you could stream your favorite TV shows and podcasts on your Apple TV?

The streaming device may seem like a novelty to many of us, but the new Smart TV app is giving us a better, more convenient way to listen to our favorite shows and movies.

In addition to streaming the same shows and movie clips from your AppleTV on your computer or TV, the app also lets you access your favorites through your smart TV’s built-in speakers and DVR.

To access your favorite shows, you just have to say the words “Watch TV” or “Listen to your TV” to begin watching.

You can also quickly access the most recent episodes of any given show or movie by saying “playlist” and pressing play.

You also have the option to search for specific shows or movies, search for channels on Netflix, or search for shows and films that are available on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Plus, and HBO Go.

The app also has access to the entire catalog of your favorite cable TV channels, which can be accessed through a search box or by using the app’s search feature.

It also includes a few extra features, including a feature to play your favorite songs on Spotify, a feature that lets you browse your music library by genre, and the ability to download up to five shows or videos to your AppleWatch.

The only caveat is that you’ll need an AppleTV to use the Smart TV apps.

The new Smart TVs are set to go on sale in the coming weeks, so you might want to check out our guide to getting the most out of your Apple TVs.

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