Sdi cable streaming services have a new competitor

Sdi TV is hoping to make a splash with its new Sdi Cable streaming services.

The Sdi streaming services will have their first major launch on the Sdi App for Android and iOS, but it’s the Android version that’s really going to get attention.

The Sdi app is the platform that makes the Sdios streaming services possible.

“There’s a big difference between an Android app and a Roku app,” said Mike Zollner, CEO of Sdi, in an interview.

“With Roku, you have to install the app.

With Sdi it’s just plug and play.”

Zollner explained that while Roku has built in support for Android TV, the Sdis is not.

Roku is the only streaming service to support Android TV devices.

“Sdi is going to be the platform where the majority of our revenue is going,” he said.

“We’re going to have a lot of people that are going to pick up the Sdp and stream that content over the phone.”

The service also includes a Roku-branded app called the Roku Channel.

That allows you to stream Sdi content directly to your Roku TV, without having to go to a Roku Store.

The Roku Channel is also available for purchase on the Google Play Store for $4.99, with the Roku App being the only other way to stream the Sdsi app.

Sdi has also announced that they will be launching an app on the Roku Store that allows you “to subscribe to Roku’s Roku channel for a low price.”

It’s unclear when the Roku channel will launch.

The service is expected to launch sometime in early 2017.

Sdi’s other streaming services include a cable-only service called Sdi Direct, which streams to Roku devices.

It’s not clear when the service will launch, but Zollners hopes that the Roku Direct app will be available to download within a few months.

“We’re not announcing any specific dates,” he explained.

“I think it’s coming in the next few months.”

In addition to Roku Direct, Sdi also launched an app called Roku Streaming that lets you stream Sdias content to your PC or Mac.

Zollners also said that Sdi will be working on a new Roku app that will allow users to subscribe to a specific Roku channel.

He declined to give a timeframe for when the app would be available, but said it could be out by the end of 2017.

The platform has a few major competitors already.

Sdio has the Sdlion, which uses Android devices to stream their content.

And there’s also Roku Direct.

But none of those companies offer any sort of native streaming capabilities for Android devices.