How to fix cable fly on your power cord

Cables with a cable fly can cause a lot of problems for your home.

They’re not only bad for the cables themselves, but can also cause problems with the power cord.

It turns out that the cable flies aren’t as easy to spot as you might think.

Here are six tricks you can use to stop cable fly.


Don’t let them run down your ceiling.

Most of the time, they’ll get stuck somewhere on the ceiling.

But you can prevent them from flying in one of two ways.

First, you can put a cable trap on the end of the cable, which is a simple device you can buy that will stop them from coming down your wall.

Second, you’ll want to use an electrical cord that can be plugged in to the wall outlet.

This is particularly important when the cable is coming from outside your home and you have multiple cords connected to the power source.

In that case, you should be able to put a cord trap on one of your cords and plug it into the outlet on your wall, making sure that it stays grounded.


Keep your cords clean.

If you don’t have a cord-trap, it’s also possible to put some clothes inside the box to keep them clean.

Or, if you do have one, you may want to add some insulation to your cable box, since that can help keep the cable fly from coming up. 3.

If your power line is out of the house, get rid of the cords that have a cable in them.

If there’s a cord dangling, you’re probably dealing with a fly.

Make sure you don.


If that doesn’t work, replace the cords and wires in the box.

If the wires are in a way that can’t be replaced, it might be worth replacing them, too.

You can also use a small screwdriver to pry the wires out of a cable, but that’s not recommended.


Remove the fly.

If all else fails, you might have to resort to duct tape to get rid, or you might just have to take it down to the wire store to have it reattached.

Be sure to use a good, long-lasting adhesive that doesn, too, and make sure you put it inside the cable box to help hold it there.


Be careful about how much insulation you put in your box.

Most power boxes don’t include enough insulation to prevent the cable from flying down your walls.

If it’s too thick, you could wind up with a mess of dangling cords and fly.

And, if the box has a lot more than you need, there’s probably an insulation problem.

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