Can you get fibre optic cable from your house?

The Globe and Mail’s Jennifer Stoddart asked Canadians whether they’d like to pay $50 a month for fibre optic internet and whether they want to subscribe to Dish.

Here’s what they had to say:Can you get cable from a house?

Jennifer Stoddard: Sure.

Can you buy fibre optic cables?

Jennifer Smith: Sure, and we have a lot of them right now, I guess.

Can I have internet from my house?

What about cord cutters?

Jennifer Stone: We have some that are able to do so.

What about those who just can’t get cable?

Jennifer Mavridis: It’s probably a good idea to have a bit of cable from somewhere because you can’t have all the different things you want on your phone.

Jennifer Stouder: Yes, if you’re in a rental, we have that, and if you want to do the occasional internet thing, it’s good to have some cable from that area.

I have a question, but can you do it from the house?

Jennifer Smith: No.

Jennifer Stone, Jennifer Mavranis and Jennifer Mavette are joined by host and journalist Jennifer Stoudenbeck to talk about Canada’s internet needs.