When Amazon Video’s Longview Kilgore Cable went dark, the cable provider said it’s paying for it

Longview, Utah — Amazon’s longview cable company is paying for a new, cheaper cable system that’s being rolled out across Utah.

Longview Kilghore Cable said Monday it plans to add a new high-speed Internet access service for the entire city of Longview in the coming weeks.

Longline has been paying for the upgrade, which is the first in a series of changes that Amazon is making to its Longview cable system.

The company will be upgrading Longview’s broadband, video and phone service and is also investing $3.8 million to build a new facility to handle the new services.

Long View has a population of just under 3,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The town has a median household income of $43,914, which includes the median household size of 2.3 people.

Longpoint’s Longtown neighborhood has a 1.2 percent unemployment rate and about 1,600 people have been displaced since 2016, according the Longview Independent School District.

Longlink is a joint venture between Comcast and Telstra, and the company operates fiber optic Internet and voice services to the area.

LongPoint is expected to be the company’s primary local connection provider for Longview.

Longpoint CEO Paul Gebbia said the upgrade to Longview Cable will provide Longview with a better service and allow them to compete with local ISPs in Longview.

“The Longview community is in need of a reliable and affordable Internet service.

It is important that our customers have access to a high-quality broadband service, and this investment will ensure they have that opportunity,” Gebbi said in a statement.

Longway’s Longcity Cable is the primary broadband provider in Longtown.

Longpost, a Longview-based company, is owned by Telstra.

Longpost is one of three providers that make up Longview Village Cable, which serves Longview residents.

Long Post is one in three providers in Longpost Village Cable.

LongPost is one to three providers serving Longpost residents.

LongPost is also one of the three providers of Longpost Cable that provide fiber-optic Internet and a phone service to Longpost.

Long Post is also in a joint-venture with Verizon Communications.

Long post is a Longpost-based provider that provides fiber-networking services to Long Post.

Long post is also part of a joint partnership with Verizon.

Longport is a suburb of Longmont and the town’s population is just under 2,000.

Long Port is a town in Longmont, about 70 miles (115 kilometers) west of Denver.

Longmont’s population of about 1.5 million is less than 1 percent of the Denver metropolitan area, according its census figures.

Longport’s unemployment rate is about 10 percent.

LongPort’s population fell by about 50,000 in the past year.

Longports median household annual income is about $48,600, according a 2016 study by the University of Colorado Boulder.

Long Point’s Longport Village Cable is one-third owned by Longport, a town of about 600 people.

Long Point is one half of a 10-member partnership called Longpost and Telstar.

Longpoints fiber-network is one among several in Longport that offer services that are better than Longpost, Telstar and Longpost’s service, according.

Long point also owns Longpost Digital.

Long point has an average broadband speed of 4.4 Mbps, according one estimate from the FCC.

Telstar is the only other Longpost provider in the city.

It’s part of the Longpost/Telstar partnership.

Telstra owns Longpoint, which operates about 1 million residential fiber-based internet and phone connections to Longpoint residents.

Telstar is also a Longpoint partner.

Tellink, a telecommunications company that is part of Telstra’s Fiber Optic division, has a similar service, although it is primarily a fiber-to-the-home service that’s used for broadband.