How to watch Netflix on your TV with blue jeans cables

The best way to watch online video with blue pants cables is to buy a pair of them, a new report has revealed.

The UK-based manufacturer of these flexible cables has released a new blue jeans series of cable for home use.

The Blue jeans cable, which is available in two colours, blue and black, is designed to be worn over a pair or a shirt.

The cable, described as being lightweight and flexible, was launched last month at a tech conference in London, which has been followed by a flurry of press coverage.

It comes in a range of different lengths, including up to 4m (13ft), and is compatible with many popular video services, including Netflix.

The cables are priced at around £30, which works out at £100 for a pair, but they are available to order in a number of colours.

This comes at a time when demand for flexible video cables is increasing.

Netflix is the biggest player in the market, but Amazon is increasingly taking a leading role in the cable market.

It launched a cable that allows people to watch live TV from anywhere, and its Xfinity service has made a huge splash.

Netflix has also recently unveiled a new cable that will allow people to view live TV without the need for a satellite box.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has already admitted that Netflix is looking at the cable industry as a potential place to bring live TV to homes.