‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is now streaming online at Amazon Prime Video: report

“I love my Star Trek and love it, and I’ve seen it,” said the show’s first season star, Anton Yelchin, when asked why he decided to keep his name and image from being used in the upcoming “Star Trek Discovery” series.

“We’re really proud of our history and I feel really good about that.

It’s not a case of not being proud of who we are.”

“Star Wars” creator George Lucas was an avid fan of the original “Star Fleet” series, which first aired in the 1970s, and he used the names of his original “Starship” characters, including the original Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock, to promote the films in the 1960s.

“The characters and the story were so different, but they were the same, and so I just loved that idea,” Yelchin said.

“I think it was great.

I think it really speaks to the idea that it’s a character, and a story, and you can do whatever you want with them, and it’s going to have that kind of universal appeal.”

” Star Trek: The Original Series ” The first “Starfleet” episode aired in 1966 and is considered one of the first television shows that were more of a science fiction story than an action-adventure story, said David S. Goyer, the executive producer of the “Star-Trek” series and the author of “StarTrek: The Art of Star Trek,” which will be released in theaters Nov. 23.

“It’s very much an American experience.

There’s the American heroes and there’s the villains, the American triumphs and the American tragedies.

And there’s a very strong American sense of humor and love for all things American.”

“It really resonated with me,” Yelchin added.

“This is what America’s about.”

“We love the American spirit and that’s something that’s been so important to us,” he said.