Cable crimp on the move, no-brainer for telecoms company

Cables are everywhere in India, and they have become a major part of India’s mobile broadband market.

While the industry is fragmented, many telecom operators, particularly in rural areas, are trying to offer the best possible service at competitive prices.

For example, Reliance Jio is offering free data in areas with a rural population of between 1,000 and 4,000 people, while BSNL is offering 4G services in areas where there are fewer than 10,000 residents.

In the case of the CPL cable, which is also called a cabling, it is being offered by Vodafone India and BSNT.

The company has been offering free broadband in rural India since October last year.

“Cable is a major industry in India and the country has one of the fastest broadband speeds in the world,” said a Vodacom spokesperson.

“We have more than 7 million subscribers and are expanding our network in rural and urban areas,” he added.

Vodak has been making investments in rural broadband in the past and has announced that the C2C (Cable 2.0) services will be offered free of cost.

VODACOM is offering a free 3G mobile internet service to its rural customers.

A telecoms official said that there were several telecom operators in the country who were not offering the service and are looking at ways to provide it.

“In the case where we can offer CPL, we will certainly be offering it as well,” he said.

“But we will look at the logistics of offering CPL as well.”