How to buy a cable and broadband modem for your house

A cable company in Florida is offering a free $10 discount on new and refurbished Internet service from Cox Cable, with an additional $10 for an upgrade to its “Ultimate Internet.”

Cox, a cable company that operates the nation’s fourth-largest provider of Internet, offers customers discounts on broadband Internet service.

The company says customers who subscribe to its Ultra Plus Internet package get 25Mbps speeds for $45.

The Ultimate package, which costs $99, is advertised to offer speeds of 100Mbps.

The same package costs $49.99 per month with a two-year contract.

The new package also includes two years of a $15 discount on all other Cox products, including Cox cable service and Cox TV.

Customers can choose between the Ultimate package or the Ultimate Internet package.

“If you’re an avid gamer and you’ve been wanting a high-speed, fast Internet package, the Ultimate packages is the way to go,” Cox spokesperson Stephanie Koester told CNNMoney.

The Ultimate package is the company’s largest discount offer yet, Koeser said.

The $15 price point for the Ultimate is more than twice the $10 price point offered by Comcast.

Comcast’s Ultra Plus is available to customers who already subscribe to Comcast’s Broadband Internet service, Comcast said in a statement.

Comcomcast offers customers the ability to access the Internet with up to 1TB of storage for $20 per month.

The Unlimited package, available to existing customers, has 1TB for $50 per month and includes unlimited uploads, downloads, and streaming.

Composite packages can be purchased by Comcast subscribers for $25 per month for up to 10GB of storage, up to 200GB of data, and $50 for 10GB or 100GB of capacity.

Complex plans have been the most popular among consumers in the past, with Comcast selling 4G-capable bundles of packages for $200 per month or more.

Comcast also offers a 3G-only plan for $100 per month, or a 1G-plus plan for up $100 a month.