How to get cable TV from your Xbox One

If you own a video game console, you’ve probably had a few problems with the device.

It’s got a built-in antenna, a bad antenna, poor range, poor signal quality, and a price tag that’s out of reach for most.

But you might also be thinking about the possibility of using a cable subscription to your console instead.

And in fact, the Xbox One does have a solution.

Here’s how to get your favorite cable TV shows, movies, and games from your console to your TV.1.

Install the cable software1.

Select the TV package you want to purchase2.

Click the TV tab3.

Select your package4.

Select a service (i.e.

ESPN, Disney, HBO, HBO Now, or TNT)5.

Select an antenna (i, o, n)6.

Click “Add”7.

Enter the service name you want, then click “Add.”8.

Enter a password for your account9.

Click save10. Enjoy!