How to get a Thunderbolt 3 cable without buying one, cable expert says

An unknown quantity of Thunderbolt 3 cables are flooding the internet, a new industry expert says.

A cable expert who sells cables on the Black Friday sales spree says a few hundred cable boxes have already arrived in his store and are awaiting shipment.

He’s not sure how many are Thunderbolt 3.

But he said he’s been getting inquiries from people who have been asked to order their cables from Thunderbolt 3 providers.

Many of those customers have bought the cable from Amazon or eBay, he said, but he hasn’t yet seen a Thunderbolt cable from Apple or Dell that hasn’t come from one of those retailers.

I’ve gotten calls from people asking me if I know where they can get Thunderbolt cables from, said James K. Dornbusch, an independent cable expert in Pennsylvania who specializes in Thunderbolt cables.

I think a lot of people who are interested in buying Thunderbolt cables are not looking for something that’s going to be as cheap as Apple and Dell, he added.

Thunderbolt 3 cables, he told The Washington Times, are “probably going to cost you around $10 to $15.”

But Dornbs said he has seen some Thunderbolt cables sold for less than $100 at other stores.

“I’ve got two that are $1,500 each,” he said.

He said the reason people aren’t buying them is that they’re too expensive.

“They’re going to get stuck with $5 to $10 cable that’s not going to last.

They’ll get hooked up with cables that cost a lot more.”

Dornbusches customers have been finding cables that look similar to Apple’s Thunderbolt 3, but cost less, and he said the quality is not as good.

“Apple and Dell are probably the only ones that can actually afford it,” he added, noting that the cost of Thunderbolt cables on Amazon is about the same as Apple’s or Dell’s cables.

But Thunderbolt 3 has been a hot commodity for a long time.

Apple and others have sold a range of Thunderbolt cable models over the years, but the latest offerings are the most expensive.

The Thunderbolt 3 models from the company include the Lightning and Thunderbolt 3 versions.

The most expensive model is the Lightning 3, which sells for $7,500.

That cable can deliver up to 1 gigabit per second, the same speed of 10 Gbps that Thunderbolt 3 can deliver.

But the Lightning cable also has the problem of not having a headphone jack.

“Thunderbolt is designed to connect to all the devices in the home,” said Aaron L. Johnson, an Apple product specialist who is also a cable expert.

“It doesn’t connect to headphones.

The headphone jack is one of the best features you can have in a cable.

You want to make sure that when you connect it to the wall, the headphones can be connected to the right speaker.”

Apple said the Lightning cables were the fastest at up to 10 Gpbs.

It has been pushing the Lightning 2, which offers 1 Gbps, to meet that speed.

But Dovunch said that even though Thunderbolt cables have been a staple of home networking since 2010, many of them have been getting older.

“You’ve got to keep your cable working to be useful for people,” he explained.

Dornbs, who has seen the newest cables arriving at his store, has had a few customers come to his store asking for Thunderbolt cables that were once only available at other retailers.

“They’re all getting a little bit older,” he told the Times.

“It seems like every few months, a couple hundred new cables are coming out.

People want to buy the latest and greatest.

They want to be able to connect everything they want to all their devices.

But I think a few thousand of them are going to just keep coming.”