How to lock your cable box to prevent accidental disconnects

How to set up a cable lock to prevent cable clips from being accidentally disconnected by the cable itself.1.

Remove the cable clips, or use the cable lock as a plug.2.

Connect the cable from the box to a USB power source.3.

Plug the cable into the USB port on the cable.4.

Wait for the USB cable to charge and then plug it back into the box.5.

When the cable is fully charged, turn off the box and plug the cable back into power.6.

Turn off the cable and plug in your power supply.7.

The cable is ready to be disconnected.8.

If you have a cable cable with a hole, remove the cable to see if there is a cable plug.9.

If there is, the cable should now be in a plug position.10.

If the cable was disconnected, reconnect the cable using a cable clip or cable lock.11.

This process will take approximately 1 minute and can be repeated for each cable connected.